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Origin / crop - High-quality Arabica coffee from India. This coffee is grown in the state of Karnataka as well as in Tellichery and Malabar, in the state of Kerala. It is also cultivated in the south-west and in Nilgeris, in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu.

About this coffee - Indian coffee is most famed for its special preparation process, ‘monsooning’. After harvesting, the beans are exposed to the monsoon rains for 5 days in order to moisten them. Then they are dried in the monsoon winds for a period of 7 weeks.

Flavor - This process gives India Malabar Monsooned its unmistakeable, characteristic and velvety taste. A very smooth coffee, not acidic, with a spicy, strong body, soft and full tasting. The best coffee for a sensitive stomach. 

Recommendation - With its low acidity, this coffee is ideal for an evening espresso or a café crème.

0.25 kg per pack

RM 50.50


JURA Impressa.jpg

Origin / crop - We have created this exquisite blend for you using 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans. It has quality green coffees from Mexico, Brazil and Uganda to thank for its rich, full taste.


About this coffee - The Impressa blend is ideally suited for use in JURA automatic specialty coffee machines. The Robusta content allows the velvety smooth cream to unfold in full to long-lasting effect.

Flavor - The strong espresso blend, full of ‘bite’ and content, can be best characterized as a typical Italian blend.

Recommendation - The blend develops its strength ideally in the short, strong espresso. Its strength of character is also expressed in cappuccino and latte macchiato.


0.25 kg per pack

RM 47.50

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