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J.J Darboven Cocaya Premium
Cocaya Premium Chocolate
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Origin / crop - From selected provinces of coffee plantation a fine combination of aromatic coffee is blended.

About this coffee - Aromatic, spicy coffee with a velvety fine crema. This specially roasted blend of selected provenances provides indulgence. Whole Bean – ideal for preparing in all automatic coffee machines.

Flavor - The fiery aromatic espresso, gently roasted, with Italian character. This specially roasted blend of selected provenances provides indulgence in your mouth.

Recommendation - The blend develops its strength even in a longer brew but for strong espresso as well. Its strength of character is also expressed in milky coffees.

1.0 kg per pack

RM 136.50

J.J Darboven Cocaya Premium


The name COCAYA is a combination of the words "cocoa" and "Maya" – the Maya being the people who discovered the taste of cocoa in Central America in about AD 300.

About COCAYA - COCAYA can be enjoyed hot or cold, made with water or milk, or even rounded off with a dash of cream. The high content of cocoa makes it suitable for automatic dispensing.

Flavor - With their subtle differences, the flavoured varieties are sure to provide a melt-in-the-mouth surprises

Recommendation - It should come as no surprise that chocolate and drinking chocolate have been in demand as part of many trendy drinks for several years now, making them the perfect addition to the range of hot beverages served at any catering establishment.

1.0 kg per pack

RM 121.00

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